Arutz Sheva spoke with Sharon Nimirovsky, the CEO of cyber-defense company White Hat - a company which protects corporations and develops technologies against cyber attacks. 

"Cyber[-attacks] are something very painful for organizations," he stated. "A few years ago, we were only worried about information security. If you had a virus in your organization, what you did was to clean the virus. Maybe you had a few employees running around between computers, but it wasn't painful." 

Cyber-attacks today, he said, include long-term attacks on an organization from within; usually, the corporation has no idea that a hacker has ever accessed their systems. 

"Your data is being sent to the internet, usernames and passwords are being sent to the internet [...] maybe, if you're in healthcare, your devices are now shut down," he described, explaining how an attack can cripple an entire business. "It's very painful for you if you can't give your customers what they need to get from you." 

Israeli individuals and corporations are specifically being targeted by hackers who collaborate for the task, he noted - but that also has prompted Israel to become a top country in cyber-defense. 

"Be aware, be paranoid," he concluded. "Don't open emails that you don't think are safe."

"Be suspicious about everything," he added. "I know it sounds hilarious, but that's the way."