Soldier mobbed at Nabi Salah.
Soldier mobbed at Nabi Salah. Flash 90

A group of parents of pupils at Ramat Gan's ORT-Avin High Scool demanded Sunday that the school fire history teacher Herzl Schubert.

The parents said that they had spotted Schubert taking part in a violent riot at Nabi Salah, in Samaria, in which a group of women and children violently mobbed an IDF soldier.

The parents said that Schubert was not part of the attack itself, according to the video evidence, but he did not try to help the soldier, either.

According to parents, Schubert is the man wearing a faded blue T-shirt and blue baseball cap, who can be seen in the accompanying photo looking on as the soldier is attacked. The same man can also be seen in the accompanying video, which was shot and disseminated by Arabs, motioning at the soldiers and being pushed by another at about the 7:45 mark.

The ORT chain is considering the appeal.

"We did, indeed, receive a complaint about the teacher's activity,” the chain said. “This is an event that took place outside the work hours and without any connection to the school's activities. The matter is currently being looked into, and we are receiving instructions from the Ministry of Education.”

In January of 2014, a civics teacher at an ORT school in Kiryat Tivon, near Haifa, found himself in a public firestorm after a student complained about his slipping ultra-leftist ideology into classroom lessons. The teacher, according to the student, tried to convince students to dodge the IDF draft.

The student wrote a letter on the matter to Education Minister Shai Piron. “I am supposed to join the army in less than a year, and my teacher is telling me that the army is immoral, and that anyone who joins it is forced to do cruel things,” the letter said.

The student told reporters that the teacher's comments “made me very angry. I see this as anti-army incitement.”

The school and Education Ministry conducted hearings with Werte and he was dismissed four months later, supposedly because of streamlining.