Canada's Federal Court of Appeals has supported the government's decision to cut off funding for an Arab group accused of supporting terrorism and anti-Semitism.

The Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) was given one million dollars each year for teaching English to new immigrants until 2009. Former Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney ended the payments at that time, claiming that the group's leaders publicly supported Hamas and Hezbollah, and promoted anti-Semitism, the National Post reports.

The minister has pointed to several instances, including rallies organized by CAF in which protesters brought signs encouraging the killing of Jewish children, and an essay contest about how Israel has carried out an "ethnic cleansing."

CAF then sued the government, insisting that Kenney was abusing his authority and referring to the cut as "a blatant attempt to suppress criticism of Israel."

The suit was rejected by the Federal Court in 2014 and now the Federal Court of Appeals. CAF's lawyer says that they are "seriously considering" appealing again to the Supreme Court.