There's a new, even more meaningful way to give charity to the needy. To find out what the Pantry Packers program is all about, Arutz Sheva spoke to Menachem Traxler, director of volunteering at Colel Chabad which manages the program.

Pantry Packers runs a packing plant in Jerusalem where visitors and tourists can come help pack food and prepare crates that are distributed to Israel's poor and senior citizens, with recipients selected on a non-discriminatory basis through a screening focusing on need.

Explaining the ingenuity of the project, Traxler said, "we're able to buy from the importer and package it ourselves, saving up to 30% and making it cost-worthy to further help more families."

Speaking about the educational value of the endeavor, he noted, "when you give a child, a family an experience to help someone, and teach them hands on, it's very memorable and they live with it," taking the value of charity to be an even stronger part of their lives.

He noted there is a special project for bar and bat mitzvahs to hold an online food drive through the Pantry Packers website.

"I don't think one person has come through here and hasn't yet smiled," Traxler said, noting on the response seen in participants to the program.

Each package says who it was packed by, he noted, which lets the needy who receive the food and other necessary goods "know they're not alone, there are people around the world who care about them."

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