Palestinian Arab fishermen walk along the beach of Gaza City
Palestinian Arab fishermen walk along the beach of Gaza City Reuters

An online petition demanding that "all world leaders" pressure Israel to lift its naval blockade of Gaza received 500,000 signatures in one day, Haaretz reports.

Launched by the activist group Avaaz, the petition also has the backing of 30 others aid groups, including Oxfam and ActionAid. 

The petition specifically calls for construction materials to be removed from the list of restricted materials, disregarding Hamas's own admission that cement is prioritized for military purposes, and not civilian needs. 

According to the petition, world leaders have pledged $3.5 billion for the reconstruction of Gaza after Operation Protective Edge, but it accused Israel of causing "incalculable delays."

"Not one of the 19,000 homes destroyed in Gaza has been rebuilt in the last year. As concerned citizens, we urge you to take action to press for an end to these restrictions now," the petition reads.

The petition placed the blame squarely on Israel, ignoring the fact that Egypt also has a blockade in place and that most countries have failed to make good on their pledges to provide aid to Gaza. 

It also failed to make note of Hamas' continued terror activities against the Jewish state and that Israel's security concerns are the primary reason for the blockade of the Hamas terrorist stronghold. 

Only last night, rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists into Israel, prompting the Israeli Air Force to launch an airstrike against a Hamas weapons manufacturing site in retaliation. 

According to Al Jazeera, the petition's organizers hope it will receive 1.8 million signatures, in representation of the population of Gaza.