Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat near recycling bins (file)
Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat near recycling bins (file) Kobi Gideon - Flash90

For the first time, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has published data on how much Israelis recycle - with Jerusalem bottoming out all lists for 2014. 

Most Israelis are conscientious about recycling their plastic bottles in state-provided bins or redeeming smaller bottles for cash as mandated by law. 67% of Israelis nationwide recycle their bottles.

By city, Netanya has the highest recycling rate, with 84% of residents collecting bottles, followed by Ashdod at 83% and Tel Aviv at 82%. Between 69-76% of residents in most of Israel's major cities recycle bottles - except for Jerusalem, with just 48% recycling. 

For Jerusalem, the problem may be a matter of few facilities. According to the CBS survey, more than 80% of Israelis report that there is a plastic bottle bin in their neighborhood, but just 57% of Jerusalem residents are aware of a nearby bin. When divided between Jewish and Arab areas, recycling rises dramatically among Jews, with 84% stating they are aware of a bin in their neighborhood. 

Only 52% of Israelis recycle paper and cardboard, despite special bins being available in most major cities. Netanya leads the list once again with 78% recycling, followed by 71% of Tel Aviv residents. At the other end of the spectrum, just 40% of Bnei Brak residents recycle their paper goods, and 31% of Jerusalemites. 

Battery and electrical recycling appears to be getting a slow start nationwide, with just 32% of Israelis recycling batteries and 11% recycling electronics. 46% of Tel Aviv residents and 36% of Haifa residents recycle batteries, vs. 19% in Jerusalem; overall, just 31% of Israelis say they know of a battery recycling bin in their area, with more bins in Tel Aviv and fewer in Jerusalem.

Just 4%-6% of Israelis reported knowing of an electrical appliance recycling facility in their major city. 

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