Gal Hirsch
Gal HirschMoshe Milner/Flash 90 /GPO

The incoming police commissioner, Brig. Gen. (res.) Gal Hirsch, appears to have a well-formed opinion regarding Arab rock attacks and the proper way to deal with them.

Two months ago, when Binyamin Regiment Commander Israel Shomer aimed lethal fire at an Arab who had thrown rocks at his vehicle, Hirsch wrote: “Following the incident this morning with the Binyamin Regiment Commander – I am including several photographs as a reminder – rocks and boulders are weapons like any other weapon, and they kill. In the photographs, you can see my rescue after the terrorist ambush against me in the Binyamin Regiment [sector]. This was followed by a year of intensive care, a long rehabilitation, permanent disability and suffering that has no end!”

Hirsch added photos showing his car after it had been crushed by a boulder that was dropped on it, and Hirsch himself receiving initial medical treatment.

"Col. Israel Shomer fought under my command,” he added. “He is a calm and collected, responsible and experienced officer. This morning, we spoke, and I expressed my support for him. He operated correctly. The words 'rioters' and 'rock throwers' are words that launder the correct definition – terrorists! And one should shoot terrorists!”

Hirsch was injured in his shoulder and arm in the boulder attack, which took place 18 years ago, when he was Operations Department Officer for the Judea and Samaria brigade. He underwent a year of rehabilitation and was later appointed to command the Binyamin Regiment, and was among the planners of Operation Defensive Shield. Later on in his service, he became commander of the Galilee Division. When the IDF was found to have functioned poorly in the Second Lebanon War, he came under criticism for allegedly unclear and "post-modern" instructions he had given the Division's commanders.