Demolition (illustrative)
Demolition (illustrative) Flash90

Washington harshly condemned Jerusalem for acting to demolish illegal Palestinian Arab buildings in Judea, Samaria (Shomron), and Jerusalem over the past week, in a blatant show of support for the illegal building in contrast to "settlement activity" by Israeli Jews. 

White House spokesperson John Kirby first condemned the numerous terror attacks throughout Israel, saying the US is "deeply concerned." 

"We continue to condemn all acts of violence, including recent attacks, and call on all sides to take steps to de-escalate tensions and restore calm," Kirby added. 

Kirby then delineated a double standard for construction within Israel's borders. 

"We are also very troubled by the recent escalation of demolitions and evictions, which include the destruction of dozens of structures and the displacement of over 150 people in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria - ed.] and East [Arab neighborhoods of - ed.] Jerusalem this month alone," he said.

"Such demolitions and evictions are harmful and provocative and indicative of a damaging trend, particularly given settlement-related activity and continued construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem."

"We continue to urge all parties to refrain from problematic actions that undercut the possibility of peace and demonstrate with actions their commitment to a two state solution," he added. 

Israel allegedly demolished some 40 structures earlier this week, in four Bedouin settlements near Maale Adumim and the settlement of Fasa'il in the Jordan Valley. All were demolished for being built without the proper permits, according to JTA - the same legal justification behind Israel's demolitions of Israeli Jewish homes in Judea-Samaria and elsewhere. 

Whereas the United Nations (UN) and other organizations harshly condemned this wave of demolitions, which Palestinian rights groups claimed left 120 people homeless, those same organizations regularly laud Israel demolishing "settler" homes.