That's what you call a jolt of a take-off: a rare lightning strike on a Delta Airlines plane waiting in line for takeoff at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Tuesday was captured on camera.

YouTube user Jack Perkins posted the video on Wednesday, and it has already garnered over a million videos.

Perkins wrote, "while filming the line of planes all stacked up during a ground hold in Atlanta on 8/18/15 I happened to capture this direct lightning strike on a 737."

Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant confirmed to CNN that Delta Flight 67 to Las Vegas was hit by the lightning in Atlanta.

None of the 111 passengers or six crew of the Boeing 737-900R aircraft were wounded, according to Durrant.

The flight tracking site details that the plane took off around two hours late, but was able to make its destination just 20 minutes later than scheduled.

"As with any event involving aircraft, Delta is doing a thorough investigation of the circumstances around this flight as safety is always Delta's top priority," Durrant said.

"Aircraft design allows lightning bolts to be safely redirected. Fuselage structure and industrial-grade insulation acts as (a) super-conductive lightning rod that rechannels lightning around and away from customers and crew and out into the ground via the landing gear," explained the spokesperson.