Haredi protester in Jerusalem (illustration)
Haredi protester in Jerusalem (illustration) Matanya Tausig/Flash 90

Three extremist haredi youths were arrested on Thursday around midnight after they disrupted a conference encouraging haredi IDF enlistment in the central Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachlaot.

Dozens of haredim were taking part in the conference, when suddenly the three "bombed" it by hitting attendants, cursing them and damaging the building.

They were arrested and will be brought on Friday morning for a hearing to extend their detention.

Earlier this week it was revealed that for more than six months, MKs from the haredi United Torah Judaism (UTJ) have been secretly meeting with the Defense Ministry's legal adviser, Ahaz Ben-Ari, in order to come up with an amendment to the controversial haredi enlistment law passed during the last coalition.

Their goal is to find a legal formula that will prevent sanctions on haredim who refuse enlistment orders, but that also cannot be challenged by the Supreme Court.

As part of the coalition agreements between Likud and UTJ, the coalition obligated itself to pass an amendment to the draft law before the state budget is passed, a condition that has led to the secret meetings.

A member of UTJ told Arutz Sheva that his party "will do everything to allow those studying Torah to continue studying Torah without interruption."

"Our position was and remains the same: those who don't study - they should enlist. Those who study Torah - they should be allowed to study Torah without any kind of sanctions."

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