Iranian propaganda portrays "conquest of Jerusalem"
Iranian propaganda portrays "conquest of Jerusalem"Screenshot

Many of the most vocal criticisms of the Iranian nuclear deal have focused on the fact that it does not in fact prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability - only at best slowing it down by a few years - as well as on the many ways the Islamic Republic can, and given its past record likely will, cheat.

US President Barack Obama himself admitted as much in an interview following the signing of the framework deal in April, during which he told NPR that Iran could "breakout" and build a nuclear bomb almost immediately just 13 or 14 years after the agreement comes into effect.

But another issue of major, and more immediate, concern is the fact that a large portion of the billions of dollars in sanctions relief Iran receives as part of the deal will flow into the coffers of its many terrorist proxies throughout the Middle East.

The fear expressed by many in both Israel and Arab states is that such a windfall will significantly escalate regional conflicts and encourage further instability throughout the Middle East and beyond, by emboldening Iran and its proxies to further Tehran's aggressively expansionist foreign policy.

That fear has been highlighted in a recently produced propaganda video by an Iranian government-sponsored group, which portrays an army of thousands of Muslims converging on Jerusalem - an army consisting entirely of Iranian proxies.

The short clip, produced by the Islamic Revolution Design House and brought to light by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, begins by showing terrorists preparing for battle, while bearing the insignia of a range of Iranian-sponsored terrorist groups - including Iran's own Revolutionary Guards Corp, the Iraqi Badr Organization, Hezbollah and Hamas.

The camera then pans out and shows thousands of Islamist fighters amassed on a hill overlooking the Israeli capital, before a message in Persian quotes Iran's former Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini saying that Israel should be "obliterated from the annals of history."

The intention is clear: that in Iran's views, it will be its terrorist proxies who ultimately carry out the regime's deep ideological commitment to Israel's destruction.

That intention was further clarified this past Monday by Iran's current Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, who declared on his official Twitter account that Iran would "spare no opportunity to support anyone" fighting "the Zionists."

As the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism, Iran finances, trains and equips violent groups spanning Hamas and Islamic Jihad, Lebanese Hezbollah, and dozens of Shia Islamist militias operating in Iraq and Syria, as well as an extensive global terrorist network directed by its elite Republic Guards. Tehran is also believed to be backing Houthi rebels in Yemen, and has in the past even backed groups it is technically at loggerheads with - for example the Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda - when they are fighting US and other western forces.

Again, US officials have repeatedly admitted that at least "some" of the sanctions relief will inevitably be used to fund Iran's support for terrorism.