Bus hit by a rock attack (file)
Bus hit by a rock attack (file)Sliman Hadar

Five people, among them four Jews and one Arab, were lightly wounded on Tuesday night after Arab terrorists hurled rocks at a bus and two cars in the eastern A-Tur neighborhood of Jerusalem located on the Mount of Olives.

Aside from the injuries, the windshields of the bus and the two private vehicles were damaged in the assault.

Magen David Adom (MDA) teams arrived on the scene to provide medical treatment to the wounded.

In parallel, security forces are conducting a wide search in the area in an attempt to track down the terrorists who threw the potentially lethal rocks.

Shortly before the attack it was reported that rocks were thrown at the light rail in Jerusalem as it passed through Shuafat, one of three Arab neighborhoods that was removed from light rail service after the stations were destroyed by Arab rioters last year.

No one was wounded in the attack but damage was inflicted on the train; indeed, the trains suffer from constant rock attacks, with the cracks in the windows visible to passengers.

Security forces were dispatched to track down the attackers who struck the light rail as well.

Israel has recently sought to implement stricter counter-measures to deter rock attacks which have proven tragically lethal, notably in the murder of the infant Adelle Biton who died after a two-year struggle to recover from a rock attack that hit her directly in the head.