Dr. Sudi Namir
Dr. Sudi Namir Courtesy of Dr. Namir

The Israel Medical Association has purged Dr. Sudi Namir from the ranks of its ethics committee on the charge that he is a “homophobe.”

The decision was reached after a report in Israel Hayom revealed that Dr. Namir wrote in an internet forum of about 300 family practitioners the following regarding homosexuals: “I feel sorry and pray for all those who are sick in their bodies and minds...a pervert is a pervert is a pervert, you can call him whatever you want, he's a pervert. All the abominations of yesterday have become today's norm.”

In an interview with Arutz Sheva, Dr. Namir said that the subject was raised by another member of the forum, who asked why the state of Israel was making huge efforts to save babies born by surrogate mothers in Nepal for Israeli homosexuals, after the earthquake there, when these babies are “a burden on the public because most of these couples break up after some time.”

A great commotion developed in the forum, he recalled, and some doctors wrote that homosexual couples are a legitimate and normal phenomenon.

“When it lost proportion, I expressed myself very forcefully and said that today, same-sex couples are the limit, but it can reach worse deviations, since secular morality has no border and lacks a strong value system like we have from the Torah. There is no doubt that it can lead to legitimacy for horrible things.”

Namir explained that he had not been aware that there were at least 12 doctors in the forum who lead gay lives, and who were hurt by what he wrote. “Once I became aware of the matter, I wrote a letter of apology to those I had offended but I emphasized that we will not be tolerant toward this phenomenon and we will fight for the sanctity of this land, for the purity of family. We will fight for the right of anyone who thinks he is wrong in his tendencies to undergo therapy.”

"The argument is a political one and it is not new,” he added. “They want to bring the filth that began in the United States to Israel. There is no doubt that what this limited community wants is to fight for legitimacy, for ugliness and abomination and we will not let this happen.”