MK Smotrich
MK SmotrichAryeh Minkov

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) was quick to dismisses on Sunday the complaint filed against him by the Ometz movement regarding his statements on the LGBT community.

"I don't think I need to respond to every piece of populist nonsense put out by an organization looking for publicity," Smotrich said in response to Ometz's suit against him with the Knesset Ethics Committee. 

"My only accountability is to the public and I can assure and promise it I will not be deterred in the future from expressing my views on any topic, including those that relate to the Jewish character of the state and the promotion of family values."

Earlier on Sunday Ometz chairman Aryeh Avnery sent a charged letter to Ethics Committee chairman Yitzhak Vaknin regarding the "severe comments [Smotrich] made against the LGBT community. 

Smotrich stirred controversy recently when he refused to back down from calling the annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem the "abomination parade."

Later, the MK claimed that homosexuals control Israel's media by "determin[ing] for all of us what we should think and what we should say" and thereby silencing someone with views such as his own. 

Avnery noted these anti-gay remarks in his letter, as well as Smotrich's organization of the so-called "Beast Parade" in protest of Jerusalem's gay pride parade in 2006. 

According to Avnery, Smotrich has "never stopped his constant attacks on member of the gay community" and therefore the group "wants to punish him to the fullest."