MK Smotrich
MK SmotrichAryeh Minkov

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) took a swipe at his own party chairman, Naftali Bennett, Thursday, over the issue of homosexuality.

In an interview on Galei Yisrael radio, Smotrich was asked if he would repeat the phrase “abomination parades,” which he recently used in a tweet with regard to the “gay pride” parades.

Smotrich replied that the use of the word “abomination” regarding homosexuality did not originate with him but with the Torah. “If my party's chairman wants to censor the Torah, then let him. I do not censor the Torah.”

In the interview, Smotrich said that gay people have a controlling influence on Israel's media. “There are many senior people in Israel's media market, from among those who hold the microphone and determine for all of us what we should think and what we should say, a very large number who are [gay] themselves,” he opined. "When you look  at the list, there are dozens and dozens of the most dominant elements today. So obviously, they will not be able to hear an opinion like mine... They will cut me off in mid-sentence and make me look like an oddball because I am not given a chance to explain my position thoroughly."

He said that for years, he had asked himself why it seemed that such a large portion of Israel's population had "gone astray" in this sense, until he understood that the media was only making it seem that way. “I am convinced that 95% of the citizens in the state of Israel would very much like to see their children establishing wonderful families and giving them grandchildren. A healthy person, a normal person, that is what he wants.”

In a Tuesday interview, Bennett was asked about Smotrich's tweet.

"I reject these statements with disgust, including the one by that MK,” he replied. “There is no place for calling it that even if it is his internal position. I can respect the marchers and there is no room for calling them that. Halakhically, it is written in the Torah that a person who does not keep the Sabbath must be put to death. So? Will we start going out and killing people who desecrate the Sabbath?”