Protest for Mohammad Allaan in Ramallah (illustration)
Protest for Mohammad Allaan in Ramallah (illustration) Flash 90

A Jewish protest was held in Ashkelon on Wednesday and again on Thursday evening to counter Arab demonstrators bused in to protest the possible forced feeding of Mohammad Allaan, a jailed Islamic Jihad terrorist who has been on a nearly 60-day-long hunger strike.

Allaan was moved to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon on Monday morning, after doctors at Soroka Medical Center in Be'e'r Sheva refused to comply with the newly passed law and force feed him. Barzilai doctors reportedly haven't complied with the law yet either.

The Jewish protesters came to counter the Arab demonstration in support of the jailed terrorist, and demanded that Israel not force feed Arab terrorists - but rather expel them.

Activists Baruch Marzel, Bentzi Gopshtain and attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir arrived on Thursday with 50 or so Ashkelon activists, although the Arab protesters had yet to show.

"Currently the Arabs were afraid to come, we hope they won't come," said Gopshtain. "We hope we all G-d willing will take part in the funeral of the terrorist and dance on his blood here."

Ben-Gvir added that "a terrorist who doesn't want to eat - don't feed him. It's an interest of the state of Israel. We saw the insolence and the nerve of dozens of supporters of the terrorist yesterday, and we came here to say: this is the state of the Jews, we own this place, we won't let them come here and call 'death to the Jews,' we'll say clearly 'death to the terrorists.'"

"Slaughter the Jew" is OK

Video has surfaced on Facebook from Wednesday's protest, posted by a Jewish activist from Ashkelon named Yehuda Nini, who filmed himself in front of Border Patrol officers who were standing by the Jewish protesters and keeping them from the Arab protesters down the street.

"Hello, my name is Yehuda from Ashkelon, I was just now warned by a Border Police officer who told me he would arrest me if I continued to shout and protest: 'Arabs go home, Arabs go home,'" said Nini. Turning his camera on the officer, he said, "this is the officer who threatened to arrest me if I continued to demonstrate and shout."

"In a democratic country like (Israel) today, if I want to see how I can get arrested I just need to shout 'death to the Arabs' and I'm arrested," he said. Pointing out the hypocrisy, he filmed the Arab protesters while noting, "it's permissible for them standing shout: itbah al yahuditbah al yahud ('slaughter the Jew' in Arabic - ed.), and they aren't arrested."

"Arabs are standing and cursing there, 20 meters from here, they aren't arrested and they get police protection," Nini continued, pointing at the Arab protesters with his hand. "That's our country ladies and gentlemen, these are the commanders and the officers who are here to defend the Arabs."

He then noted the presence of officers mounted on horseback, and accused them of hitting Jews, before ending with a call for those watching the film to join the protest outside the hospital.

The video, in Hebrew, can be viewed by clicking the image below.

More video from Wednesday's protest shows how the Arab protesters faced off against the Jewish counter-protest, with curses hurled along with rocks and eggs according to some reports.

In the clip, Arab activists are seen saying their protest was given permission, and later a Jewish protester is seen saying "ISIS will take your heads off," before the two sides engage in a stand-off.

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