Perseids meteor rain
Perseids meteor rain Arutz Sheva

The Perseids Meteor Shower that passes over Israel every year in August will reach its peak on Wednesday night. 

With the combination of a clear sky and a pale moon, conditions are the best they have been in years to view the unique phenomenon. 

"This year the moon won't shine the night of the shower, making it an optimal viewing condition," Dr. Igal Patel, chairman of the Israeli Astronomical Association, explained to Channel 10. 

The Perseids Showers occurs when the earth crosses the path of the Swift-Tuttle comet, leaving a trail of ice and dust behind. The ice and burn up as they enter the earth's atmosphere, creating impressive trails in the night sky. 

"Because there aren't many clouds in August, viewing conditions are even better," Patel noted.  

The spectacular meteor shower, which Patel said will look like "shooting stars," can be best seen in dark areas outside of cities. 

In Mitzpe Ramon, a special event hosted by the Israel Space Agency and the Negev Highlands Tourism Association will feature telescopes and guided explanations of the shower. 

All city lights are to be turned off for the best possible viewing experience.