IDF soldiers
IDF soldiersTomer Nuberg / Flash 90

13 year-old Adam Yanklovitch might live in Australia, but he felt close enough to donate his Bar Mitzvah earnings to soldiers injured in Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, Channel 2 reports Tuesday. 

Yanklovitch stated that he was inspired by the story of Ron Ben Itiah, an officer who was wounded while fighting in the Nahal Brigade. 

"I was very moved by Ron's story, he and his friends were defending the country I love so much ," he stated to Haim Bar, the chairman of the IDF Disabled Veterans' Organization, during a visit to Israel. 

And Yanklovitch is not alone: over the past several years, teens from all over the world have donated their gifts, the organization revealed. 

"These young people, despite the great distance, have a huge affinity for Israel," said Ora Sidner, project manager of the fund. "When they meet face to face with the soldiers who were wounded and maimed [...] they are willing to do anything to help and even get their family members to help. " 

Yanklovitch not only donated his gifts; he wanted to stay in a rehabilitation center for soldiers and see for himself what the IDF Veterans' organization does for wounded warriors. 

Haim Bar, the organization's chairman, admitted that he could not hide his excitement.

"I meet a lot of good people, caring individuals who want to contribute and do something good, but the encounter with Adam, his eyes shining, his understanding of the importance of the matter - it couldn't leave me with dry eyes," he said.