Chaya Zisel Braun
Chaya Zisel BraunCourtesy of the family

At the Bikur Cholim Hospital in central Jerusalem on Sunday a baby girl was born to the Braun family, whose three-month-old baby girl Chaya Zisel Braun was tragically murdered last October when she was run over by a car in a Hamas terror attack.

The birth is particularly special given that the Brauns had waited many years to conceive Chaya Zisel, only to have her stolen from them so tragically soon after she war born.

"The Braun couple thanks the Holy One Blessed be He for everything, and particularly for the birth of their sweet daughter this morning," read an announcement from the hospital.

Braun was murdered when terrorist Abdelrahman Shaludi plowed his car into pedestrians at the Ammunition Hill light rail station in Jerusalem before being shot by security forces.

Aside from the baby, 22-year-old Karen Jemima Mosquera was also murdered in the attack. Mosquera was in Israel studying to complete her conversion, a process she embarked on after discovering she was descended from Conversos - Spanish Jews forcibly converted to Catholicism after 1492.

During Shaludi's funeral, his mother praised him as a martyr, saying he had given honor to the family, and repeatedly saying "praise to Allah."

But despite this and demolition orders against the Hamas terrorist meant to deter future attacks, reports that the IDF demolished Shaludi's home in Jerusalem Shiloach (Silwan in Arabic) neighborhood were proved only partially true.

Photographic evidence of the home that reached Arutz Sheva revealed that security forces only demolished a small part of the family's building where his personal room was located, with the rest left intact - enabling the family to rebuild the demolished part easily and quickly.