Cheese (illustration)
Cheese (illustration) Kayleigh Rappaport/Flash 90

Russia has been taking out its anger against the West over EU and US sanctions following its occupation and annexation of Crimea in an unusual way - by bulldozing European cheese.

Tons and tons of food have been destroyed by Moscow, reports BBC on Thursday, following a ban on some Western food products in retaliation for the sanctions.

As part of the actions, a steamroller smashed nine full tons of cheese over the course of an hour, and another massive quantity was set for incineration.

Huge amounts of bacon have likewise been burned to a crisp, and peaches and tomatoes are to be crushed by tractors.

It goes without saying that not everyone is impressed by Moscow's culinary war.

Local religious leaders harshly condemned the move, with one calling it "insane, stupid and vile."

Under Western sanctions, food price inflation is around 20% in Russia, with many arguing the food should be given to the poor. An online campaign calling for the food to be given away was signed by over a quarter-of-a-million people.

Also weighing in was former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, who said that 20 million Russian citizens are eking out a living below the poverty line, and added sarcastically that the destruction of food was "some real triumph of humanism."

Russia's crusade against Western food has been having an impact, with the EU forced to provide aid to European exporters of dairy produce, fruit and vegetables to counter the effects of the Russian ban.

Last week the EU Commission said these measures to support the dairy sector will remain until March 2016, and until July 2016 for fruit and vegetable farmers.

But it isn't enough according to local farmers struggling to stay afloat. In France, farmers have been staging daily road blocks, and on Thursday Belgian farmers held similar demonstrations, demanding higher prices.