Body of Saudi mosque suicide bomber removed (illustration)
Body of Saudi mosque suicide bomber removed (illustration) Reuters

A mosque in southern Saudi Arabia used by SWAT security forces was struck in a suicide bombing attack on Thursday, leaving at least 15 people dead.

Varying death tolls have come in regarding the attack on the mosque in Abha, located by the border with Yemen.

The state TV El-Ikhbariya reported 17 dead, while an interior ministry spokesperson told AFP, "it’s confirmed there's an explosion and there's more than 13 (killed) a mosque." BBC reported 15 dead according to a senior Saudi official.

The Saudi interior ministry official revealed on condition of anonymity that the mosque is part of an interior ministry emergency services' post in Abha. He could not clarify yet as to whether the mosque was part of an interior ministry compound.

It remains unclear who was behind the attack.

Islamic State (ISIS) has claimed some attacks in the region before as Saudi forces try to crack down on the spread of the jihadist group.

Likewise Saudi Arabia has been conducting an air campaign against Iran-backed Houthis in nearby Yemen, making them another possible culprit in the attack that took place not far from the border.

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