Illegal infiltrators (illustration)
Illegal infiltrators (illustration) Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

15 infiltrators were able to cross the border from Egypt into Israel over the weekend, the Israeli press revealed Tuesday, but were apprehended through a joint effort between the IDF and the Egyptian army. 

On Saturday, Egyptian police identified the group of illegal aliens climbing the fence along the Israeli border, and opened fire at them, wounding six.

IDF forces were waiting on the other side, but did not step in immediately, fearing the Egyptians might not recognize them and continue shooting, Walla! News reports.  

At the end of the coordination between the two sides, IDF vehicles transported the wounded to Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva. The remainder of the infiltrators were detained. 

55 Sudanese and Eritreans have managed to infiltrate Israel since the beginning of 2015, according to the news site, reversing a trend of decline in the steady stream of illegal migrants through Egypt in 2013 and 2014. 

Infiltrators currently seeking to enter Israel do so at great risk, a security source revealed. 

"Because of the war against ISIS, the Egyptian army and Egyptian police have intensified their rules of engagement and they shoot at anything that moves," the security source stated. "[Infiltrators] pay a lot of money to Bedouin smugglers to cross the Sinai, and face the risk of being fired at, to come to Israel, because once they cross the fence, they are put in prison, where they receive food, a place to sleep and instructions on how to deal with the Israeli law that allows for deportation."

Left-wing NGOs have been investing considerable effort in aiding illegal immigrants - the vast majority of whom are economic migrants as opposed to genuine asylum seekers - to navigate past Israeli authorities and remain in the country.

"This is probably better than what they are given in their home countries," he added.

The IDF is concerned that the trend will grow, and that hundreds of infiltrators will enter Israel over the next year. 

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, primarily from Eritrea and Sudan, are currently living in Israel. They have been blamed for a significant rise in violent and sexual crimes in the working class south Tel Aviv area where they are largely concentrated.