Dor Cohen
Dor Cohen Credit: Courtesy of the family

The body of an Israeli hiker who went missing in Georgia has been found by rescue services Sunday.

23-year-old Dor Cohen, a resident of Jerusalem, went missing last Wednesday in the country, which is popular with Israeli tourists.

Cohen's body was discovered by a team from the Harel private insurance firm; as a result, a fresh search team due to head out from Israel has been canceled. 

Dor's sister, Shira Cohen-Mizrahi, recounted her ordeal to Arutz Sheva.

"Dor left for Georgia on Sunday; he had arranged a hike there with a good friend of his," she said. "They began, in the area of Gebi [in northern Georgia - ed.], a trek with was supposed to take about five says.

"In the middle of their trek they got to a point at which they decided that each of them should carry on individually along either side, and meet at the foot of the mountain.

"His friend, Yonatan, arrived at the meeting point, and Dor hadn't arrived. He waited for him for an hour or two at the site and when he saw he was still delayed he decided to call for help."

Sadly, although help arrived, it was too late.

"From that point on Wednesday evening we made contact with the (Israeli) Consulate and great efforts were made to search for him - local efforts by police - but the professional searches only really began today, when the insurance company arrived with a professional search team which began scouring the site with the help of the Georgians," she said.