MK Smotrich
MK SmotrichMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Many right-wing activists are outraged at the exclusion of Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett and MK Yinon Magal from Saturday night's support rally for the LGBT community - but at least one MK supports the move. 

MK Bezalel Smotrich waved off the discrimination from the Israeli National LGBT Task Force against the MKs, noting that in his view, they should not have been there to begin with. 

"Yesterday a very dear friend, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, published that he was on his way to the LGBT support rally and when he received a message from the organizers that he was not welcome there," Smotrich began.

"Luckily, the organizers saved Bennett from himself," Smotrich opined. "You have to tell the truth here, that rally held yesterday had nothing to do with [a statement] against violence. On the contrary, it incited violence against anyone who thinks differently." 

"What is happening here this weekend was a bizarre and undemocratic witch hunt for anyone who refuses to fall in line with the political correctness of the 'enlightened' extreme Left," he added, accusing the public officials who spoke there of incitement to violence. 

"According to the logic of [Meretz chairman] Zahava Gal-On, [former president] Shimon Peres, and unfortunately, [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu and [President] Reuven Rivlin evening - it's that to talk and to murder is the same, to oppose same-sex marriage and to stab their supporters - it's the same thing," he accused. "To think the Arabs are the enemy and that, as a people, we have to fight them, and to burn an innocent Palestinian family as they slept in their home - to them it's the same." 

Magal, who was also banned from the rally, noted to Army Radio on Sunday morning that the organizers subtly threatened violence to him if he did attend. 

"They told me, 'Watch out for another attack against you," Magal said, noting he had to have four security guards accompanying him. 

"The same people rose up and said this - as if condemnation [of the attack] was not enough," he fired. "It is absolute madness, do I have any responsibility for the murder?"

"They portrayed me as if I was also responsible for the homophobic attack on Thursday and the horrific murder of the baby [in Duma - ed.]," Magal added. "This is an attempt to blacken the entire right-wing."