Police forces (file)
Police forces (file) Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The rabbi's wife violently arrested Saturday night in Jerusalem on suspicions of being linked to the haredi man who stabbed six people at the Jerusalem gay pride parade was released in the early hours of Sunday morning - but not until she experienced two major scares. 

The morning after this second brush with police, Rabbi Idan Grossman - the man the Israel Police were originally looking for - recounted the full horrors of the incident to the Israeli media. 

"I am simply in shock from everything that happened, I feel that such a thing does not belong in the State of Israel," he stated to Walla! News. "I want to tell you that anyone who witnessed this isn't able to sleep at night from what they saw."

A large deployment of police officers arrested the rabbi's wife, Rabbanit Yocheved Grossman, on Saturday night, after a previous brush with police last Thursday. 

"They just brutally broke into our home, after we returned from a Bar Mitzvah on Friday, and about a dozen detectives descended on my wife and son - they broke into our home, without a warrant or anything," the Rabbi said. 

When the Rabbanit asked why she was being asked to come with them, he said, "they started talking to her rudely - one said 'we have to burn all the haredim." 

She told them that she needed time to get dressed, and the police responded to her claims, "You have two minutes to get dressed and get out of here - either by stretcher or helicopter," he added. 

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