Rockets fired from Gaza (file)
Rockets fired from Gaza (file) Reuters

Two rockets were fired from Gaza and fell in the area of the security barrier on Saturday night.

The IDF is scouring the area to locate where the missiles fell, and to determine if they hit Israeli territory or remained in Gaza.

Hamas on Friday called for all able-bodied Arabs to attack IDF soldiers and "settlers as "legitimate targets," after an Arab infant was killed earlier in the day in an arson attack in the village of Duma in Samaria.

The identity of the culprits has yet to be verified, but the IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may have been behind the arson after Hebrew graffiti was found at the scene.

Since the arson, Arab rioters set about attacking in various points throughout Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem on Friday and Saturday in response.

Those attacks included an attempt to burn down Joseph's Tomb in Shechem (Nablus) that was thwarted by the IDF.

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