Dor Cohen
Dor Cohen Courtesy of the family

Dor Cohen, a 23-year-old resident of Jerusalem, has been missing for four days since setting out on a trek last Monday in the country of Georgia.

He was last seen setting out on a hike in the Caucasian mountains in the northwestern section of the state, and has not made contact since.

The Foreign Ministry is aiding Cohen's family and is managing contacts with the local authorities to try and locate the Israeli tourist.

A rescue team of the Harel insurance company has been dispatched and is conducting searches in the region.

Cohen, an IDF officer who set off on his trip last week, met with a childhood friend and the two went for a trek that was meant to last four or five days.

On the second day of the hike they reached a point at which they did not know which direction to turn to, and there they decided to split up.

They had arranged to make contact with each other after ten kilometers (just over six miles) - since then Cohen has not been seen or heard from.