Arab rioters (file)
Arab rioters (file) Flash 90

On the background of the arson attack that left an Arab infant dead in the Samaria village of Duma on Friday, which the IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may have committed, Arab rioters launched wide-spread clashes with Jewish residents on Saturday.

One tension-point of clashes took place between Jewish residents of Esh Kodesh in the Binyamin district north of Jerusalem and Arab residents of Kursa, with ownership of the agricultural land playing a key role in the conflict.

A military source told Arutz Sheva that mutual rock throwing took place between the two sides.

The Jewish residents say that the grounds are state land, and that radical leftist groups are fanning violence in provoking the Arabs to start a conflict with them so as to seize the state land.

Elsewhere in Jelazoun, also in the Binyamin region, a funeral for an Arab terrorist turned violent. The terrorist, 16-year-old Laith Khaldi, was shot on Friday by IDF soldiers while throwing potentially lethal firebombs.

During his funeral on Saturday, hundreds of Arabs took part with some firing in the air with automatic rifles.

The terrorist's mother, Samar Khayatt, told AFP: "he is happy now; he's a martyr and he's next to God, but I am very angry."

An IDF spokesperson said some 50 Arab rioters were throwing rocks and fire bombs at army forces at Jelazoun, who used riot dispersal methods against them.

In the northeastern Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem firebombs and rocks were thrown at police and Border Patrol forces on Friday night.

The forces dispersed the violent rioters by using riot-dispersal means. Two officers of the Yassam commando police were lightly wounded by the rocks.

In the Muslim quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, Arabs threw rocks and shot fireworks at the officers, and again the forces dispersed the violent crowds using the appropriate means.

A firebomb was thrown at a home on Meir Nakar Street in Jerusalem. It set fire to the garden in a potentially life-threatening incident of the same threatening nature as the arson attack on Friday, but fortunately no one was wounded.

On another nearby street rocks were thrown at a car and a 13-year-old Jew was brought in for investigation. 

Arab rioters threw a firebomb at the "Beit Hashiva" Jewish residence in the Arab majority Beit Hanina neighborhood of northeastern Jerusalem, in an incident that again could have set the house on fire.

The large-scale violence comes after Hamas on Friday called on all able-bodied Arabs to attack IDF soldiers and "settlers," saying they are all "legitimate targets, in any location and situation."