Kevan Green's ride to Israel
Kevan Green's ride to IsraelKevan Green

Kevan Green of London took on a unique challenge for his 30th anniversary: a charity bike ride from his home in London to an Israeli hospital in Netanya. After arriving on Tuesday, he sat down to tell Arutz Sheva all about his 2,900 kilometer (1,800 mile) journey.

Green set out on June 30 both to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary with his wife Sandra, as well as to mark 30 years at Specsavers Optical Group.

He used the opportunity to raise money for Laniado Hospital in Netanya, which he got to know while staying at his vacation apartment in the coastal town, and ended up raising no less than £16,780 (over $26,100) in charity.

The avid amateur biker began his trek through the UK and on into France, and from there to Italy and the alps. He was forced to take a plane from Rome to Tel Aviv due to time and geographical constraints, but instead of biking straight to Netanya he first took a jaunt up to northern Israel before the approach to his goal.

At the end dozens of Laniado Hospital staff members joined him for the last leg. 

Green remarked on the dramatic changes in scenery he saw while biking in Israel, and noted that some climbs were even harder than those he faced in the Italian alps.

The most emotional part of the voyage was when his son joined him for the last 50 kilometer stage, said Green, who added a "massive thank you" to his wife Sandra for "letting me do this."