Oren Hazan in Beit El
Oren Hazan in Beit El Flash 90

MK Oren Hazan (Likud) sharply criticized Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon of his party on Wednesday for his decision to evacuate the Draynoff Compound in Beit El, which is facing demolition despite having nearly completed the official legalization process.

Speaking on a Channel 10 morning TV show, Hazan said, "I call on the defense minister to take back his hasty and naive decision, and to pull the forces out of the community."

"Why did this rushed step have to be taken, which led to these pictures?," asked Hazan, noting on images of security forces clashing with residents and using violence against them.

Ya'alon has been under fire for claiming there would be no overnight demolition of the compound, just before forces seized the buildings in a nighttime raid on Monday night.

Hazan argued that the two buildings are legal and the construction was carried out in coordination with the appropriate authorities. Indeed, the IDF Civil Administration last week approved the buildings, and currently a petition on their status is to be heard in the Supreme Court.

The MK said that in the end the Supreme Court is expected to approve the homes and order that they be populated.

However, he said that "nothing is worth it if today the High Court cancels the decision, but in the meantime someone gets hurt."

The Likud MK was in Beit El during the night to try and calm the tensions, calling for an end to the violent clashes as officers used force to keep activists out of the buildings.

Hazan recently moved his office to Beit El in hopes that "the step would ease the dialogue with the residents," he said.