A video of a young religious boy rapidly snapping into combat moves and wowing a group of IDF frontline soldiers has gone viral.

The video was posted on the Hebrew-language Facebook page "Hinami entertainment and leisure portal" late Tuesday night, and within just eight hours has received a whopping 11,500 likes and over 163,000 views - a staggeringly larger amount than the page's average and a huge turnout for a country of just eight million.

Click the image below to watch the video.

The young boy named Malkiel with peot (sidelocks) and a large knit kippah - a look largely associated with "hilltop youth" living in Judea and Samaria - is seen with a toy assault rifle, standing around with a group of IDF Border Patrol combat soldiers.

At the start he jokingly pushes one who is telling him he "sits at home all day, you don't know what it's like."

One soldier decides to put him through his paces, and to the surprise of the troops he rapidly whips out all the orders they give him with perfect form, "firing" while in a standing position, while running, on the ground, reloading, quickly turning to fire at a "terrorist" behind him while on the ground and more.

The impressed soldiers laugh and praise "Malkiel the fighter!" Incidentally, his name means "G-d is my King."