Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

Jewish Home Chairman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, may resign from the Knesset if the so-called “Norwegian Law” is passed, Arutz Sheva has learned.

The law would allow a one minister from every party to resign from the Knesset while remaining in the government, and Bennett, who was a sponsor of the law, has said that he would be the minister from his party to resign from the Knesset.

I initiated the law and as such I should be the one to give up my Knesset seat, before others,” Bennett was quoted as telling colleagues in his Jewish Home party. “I will not ask others to resign on my behalf.” If Bennett does resign, the next member of the Jewish Home list to take a seat in the Knessett would be Shuli Muallem.

The law, which is part of the overall reform in government bill, will allow ministers to give up their Knesset seats, but not require them to do so, freeing them up to do ministerial work and dispensing with the requirement to show up for Knesset votes. Besides Bennett, one minister from Shas and one from the Likud is expected to use the law to enable colleagues to enter the Knesset.

While the Knesset is expected to approve it, the law is opposed by the Attorney General's office, which has said that it is a “purely political law that is designed to help the parties currently in the Knesset. Long-term constitutional considerations were not at the forefront of the process to enact this law,” it said.

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