A sickening video has emerged online showing a gang of Palestinian Arabs lynching a rare striped hyena.

The video description says it was taken on July 25 near Hevron in Judea, where many of Israel's few remaining striped hyenas live.

At the start of the video at least one Palestinian-driven car is seen chasing the hyena, as it walks alongside a road. Other cars soon join in, several of which attempt to run over the animal or block its path.

The men finally succeed in cornering the hyena - possibly striking it with a car as well - at which point they mercilessly pelt the helpless animal with boulders, rocks and other projectiles.

After a long and agonizing ordeal, the animal finally lies dead or fatally injured on the ground.

Striped hyenas are an endangered species in Israel, and hunting them is illegal.

It is not the first time Palestinians have been caught engaged in shocking acts of animal cruelty. In September of last year, three Palestinian men from the village of Beit Umar near Hevron were arrested after a video emerged showing them torturing and tormenting a captive striped hyena.

Warning, disturbing viewing: