Israeli UN Ambassador Ron Prosor
Israeli UN Ambassador Ron ProsorReuters

In what was a stunning rebuke to US President Barack Obama’s claim that “Every pathway to a [Iranian] nuclear weapon is cut off,” Israel UN Ambassador, Ron Prosor, flatly contradicted Obama Thursday and stated, “This agreement grants Iran not one, but two paths to the bomb. Iran can get the bomb by cheating, or it can get the bomb by keeping the deal for ten years, and then assembling it immediately. And ten years go by in the blink of an eye.”

Amb. Prosor employed what has become his signature tactic of mounting a masterful attack on the way the UN mollycoddles the war-criminals of Hamas, even as it applies impossible and hypocritical double standards to Israel's attempts to defend itself. Amb. Prosor saved his methodical dissection of Obama’s Iran nuke deal for the last part of his UN speech.

Prosor explained that there are four major flaws in the Iran nuke deal:

1) “Under the terms of the agreement, Iran may continue significant enrichment that is not needed for civilian use, and continue R and D on advanced centrifuges that will significantly reduce the break-out time to a bomb”;

2) “Under the terms of the agreement, enforcement is largely dependent on Iran's goodwill. Inspections are not 'anywhere, anytime.' The deal gives Iran the ability to delay inspections of undeclared sites for 24 days- enough time to hide a smoking gun”; and

3) “Under the terms of the agreement, there are not sufficient limitations on Iran's weaponization activities. Iran already has the enrichment capability to produce a bomb. It also has the suitable delivery means. Without limitations on weaponization, the way is paved for Iran to assemble a bomb.”

4) “Now, in the summer of 2015, the countdown to Iran becoming a threshold nuclear state has begun. In 5 years, the embargo against conventional weapons will end, in 8 years, they can acquire missile technology, in 10 years, unlimited centrifuges.”

In short, Amb. Prosor concluded, “This is not disarmament, this is a timetable for Iran to build nuclear weapons. And, in making this deal with Iran is yet another example of the world failing to see reality as it is.” And, Amb. Prosor ominously warned, “In future years, the consequences of this mistake will become clear to all.

“Instead of working towards a solution in our region, this agreement has strengthened the source of the problem. This agreement has given the source of the problem-Iran-the money to carry out its destructive ideology.”