Newborns (illustrative)
Newborns (illustrative) Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Call it a “family affair.” Two Israeli men – twin brothers – who married two Israeli women – twin sisters – saw children born to their wives not more than twenty minutes apart on Wednesday night.

The two couples are the proud parents of girls who, although not twins, clearly have a great deal in common: Their twin mothers were also born 20 minutes apart.

Niv and Ran Cohen, ba'alei-teshuva (newly religious) Israelis married twin sisters Leah and Rivki Fisch after meeting them on a visit to the Galilee community of Yavne'el, where a large community of Breslov hassidim live.

Speaking to the Walla! news site, Niv Cohen said that they had come for a Shabbat to the community and decided to move there “because we liked it,” and were enamored of the community's leader, Rabbi Eliezer Shlomo Schick, who recently passed away.

Rabbi Schick, who kept a close eye on his flock, suggested that the brothers meet the sisters. One thing led to another, and both couples married – four days apart. “We realized then just how Heaven-sent this whole thing was,” said Cohen.

According to Niv Cohen, seeing both him and his brother having their first child on the same day “is the greatest feeling in the world.”

Their wives' mother, he said, “got a lot of exercise – she had to run between the two delivery rooms to be with her daughters” at Laniado Hospital in Netanya, where both arrived – separately – within minutes of each other Wednesday afternoon.

With the birth behind them, the Cohens look forward to many happy experiences watching their children grow. He and his brother, said Niv, “have been together all our lives, and we are together now.”