Hate education on PA TV
Hate education on PA TV Palestinian Media Watch

The international organization of teachers' unions is meeting this week in Ottawa, Canada to vote on several anti-Israel resolutions including calls for a BDS boycott of the Jewish state - but that anti-Israel message will not be met by silence.

NGO Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) on Tuesday will present to the 7th World Congress of Education International (EI) a report on the extensive anti-Semitism and incitement to terror that is abundant in the Palestinian Authority (PA) educational system.

The report, entitled "Palestinian Authority Education: A Recipe for Hate and Terror," can be viewed in full here

PMW was invited to the event by the Association of Secondary School Teachers in Israel after the association learned of the anti-Israel resolutions to be taking place at the congress, which unites roughly 2,000 teachers worldwide.

Among the revelations brought forward in the report is how dozens of PA schools are named after terrorists, how school activities include visits to the homes of terrorists, as well as statements by teachers saying, among other things, that terrorist murderers are role models and promising their students a world without Israel.

Schoolbooks were also dissected and revealed to be brimming with anti-Semitic incitement, and informal education such as poems recited by children on kids' TV programs give a similar message stating among other things that Jews are monkeys and pigs, and that Tel Aviv is "occupied Palestine."

One whole chapter of the report examines the many examples of how the genocidal Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is revered in the PA educational system.

Common messages in PA schools include that Israel has no right to exist and will eventually be replaced by "Palestine," that "armed struggle" is legitimate in fighting Israel and in fact a tenet of Islam, that those who murder Israelis are heroes, and that martyrdom for Allah is the utmost honor.

PMW said in a statement that it "has prepared this report documenting that hate, anti-Semitism and honoring of murderers are fundamental elements of PA education, and showing the PA's central role in undermining peace."