Rabbi Sheinberg
Rabbi Sheinberg Basel Adiwat/Flash90

Ezra Sheinberg, the prominent rabbi in Tzfat (Safed) accused by no fewer than ten women of sexual abuse over an extended period of time, has blamed 'coerced confessions' for his arrest Tuesday.

"A guiding hand has caused the complainants to complain against me; today is a holiday and the truth will come out," Sheinberg claimed, during a court hearing in Tzfat. Sheinberg's detention was extended by three days on Tuesday afternoon.

"One thing leads to another and one complainant comes forward, then another admits she was forced into saying what she said," he insisted. "Things will become clearer soon." 

Sheinberg also denied reports that he threatened his prison guards, and said that he thanks them for the good treatment he has received. 

Sheinberg was arrested while trying to flee Israel at Ben-Gurion Airport earlier this month.

One week later, Arutz Sheva exposed several damning details about the case, including the fact that Sheinberg allegedly admitted his offenses to Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu - but he has since then claimed over and over again that the allegations are "nonsense."

Since then, however, more women have publicly spoken about the abuse they suffered, with one providing testimony to the Israeli media under an assumed name and another publishing her side via an open letter.

Damning material evidence has reportedly also been added to the case. 

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