Jews expelled in Disengagement (illustration)
Jews expelled in Disengagement (illustration) Nati Shohat/Flash 90

Most Israeli Jews favor retaking Gush Katif (Gaza) from Hamas, a decade after Israel withdrew from the area and handed it over to the Palestinian Arabs during the Disengagement, a poll published on Monday showed.

Some 51 percent of Israeli Jews said they were in favor of rebuilding Gush Katif where more than 8,000 Israelis lived prior to the 2005 withdrawal.

The poll published on the NRG news website collected the responses of 587 people.

Israel evacuated Gush Katif and parts of northern Samaria in 2005 under a plan launched by then prime minister Ariel Sharon.

The poll, part of a series being conducted by Israeli institutes and the media upon the ten-year anniversary of the Disengagement, reflects past polls indicating that the Israeli public is highly pessimistic over the withdrawal. A poll published in Maariv earlier this month showed that the vast majority of the public believed that the move represents a political, diplomatic, and domestic failure. 

AFP contributed to this report. 

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