Channel 2, Israel's most widely viewed television channel, devoted an in-depth report on its main weekend newscast to the American Jews who play a prominent role in the movement that calls to boycott Israel and end security assistance to it.

Anchorman and reporter Danny Kushmaro interviewed Candace Graff, a Harvard graduate and activist in Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), who told him: "After spending a year in Israel before I started college, I've never felt less Jewish. I've never felt less connected to my religion than when I was in Israel. Because my Jewish identity is about justice, freedom and equality.”

A shaky video showed mostly female members of JVP entering the offices of Friends of the IDF and reading out names of Palestinians killed in Gaza, reportedly in a protest against US assistance to Israel.

Graff said that she boycotts all Israeli products, including those made in Tel Aviv. “There is no separation between the Occupation and the economy of Israel,” she explained. A second activist, Brandon Davis, confirmed to a shocked Kushmaro that he has no problem with several million Palestinians entering Israel as part of the “Right of Return.”.

“You want me to gamble on my life,” Kushmaro said to Davis, and explained that the scenario he is supporting would spell the end of a Jewish Israel.

Davis was emphatic, however, and decreed: “We're talking about the end of a Jewish supremacist Israel.”

“I don't have anything against you,” Alice Rothschild told Kushmaro. “I feel that Israel has lost its way.” When asked why this is her business, she refers to US military aid to Israel: “I am responsible because I am funding the occupation.”

A young woman called Tali Reskin (or Roskin) spoke to Kushmaro in Boston an hour after the United Church of Christ voted to boycott products made in Judea, Samaria and eastern Jerusalem, and expressed her excitement over the development. She claimed that JVP is growing fast, and that more and more Jews are supporting BDS.

The report, which is mostly in English, is embedded above.