Nachshon Carmi, relationship and family expert at the Terem Medical Clinic in Jerusalem, spoke to Arutz Sheva about relationships in today's world after a conference on "Holiness and Sexuality" held on Thursday in Jerusalem. 

Carmi explained that the problems and challenges for couples are not unique to the current generation, but adds that a culture of individualism has not helped things. 

"Family and relationships have always been difficult," he said. "Two people meet and were strangers to each other and suddenly they enter a new life together."

"No wonder there is such an emphasis on shalom bayit (Jewish concept of peace in the home - ed.)."

"Today many concepts are being re-examined, including the institution of the family," he added. "We are a great generation, we have bigger challenges, and we have greater capabilities to deal with these tensions, but it requires effort." 

Carmi emphasized that conflicts between husband and wife are normal, and that couples should use them as an opportunity to grow. 

He also gave a few tips for healthy relationships. 

"First of all, each couple should have a third person they can talk to sometimes - be it a friend or a professional - someone with an outside perspective on the situation," he advised. 

''Number two, the man and woman should understand that their connection is the most important in family life, not only when it comes to children but also to [conflict with] in-laws - and they need to state that their connection supersedes all other considerations."