MK Ofer Shelah
MK Ofer ShelahIsrael news photo: Flash 90

MK Ofer Shelah (Yesh Atid) rushed to defend his party chairman on Sunday morning after Yair Lapid's diatribe against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu incurred the wrath of several top Likud members. 

On Saturday, Lapid called for a commission of inquiry in light of the recently forged deal between Iran and the West, blaming Netanyahu for "failing the State of Israel's foreign policy." 

"The bottom line is that we have here the greatest failure of Israeli foreign policy ever," Lapid claimed on Army Radio Sunday. ''There has never been such a state of international isolation where we did not have even the United States [behind us]; we should investigate this." 

Minister of Immigration and Absorption Ze'ev Elkin and Chairman of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee Tzahi Hanegbi both criticized Lapid for attacking Netanyahu, especially during a difficult time for the Israeli public.

Shelah clarified Yesh Atid's position on Channel 10's morning show Sunday, blaming not Netanyahu's policy on the Iran deal but his personal interference in American politics. 

"The agreement is not the result of Netanyahu's policy, but the fact that Israel was not there [for negotiations] and found itself outside the circle of influence throughout the entire process - that is the result of Netanyahu's decision to attack the US government."

He "crudely entered into the bleeding wound of American politics," Shelah asserted, referring to tensions between Democratic President Barack Obama and a Republican majority Congress. 

According to Shelah, Yesh Atid will call on the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee to conduct an investigation, because "this is a failure on the same scale as war."

"Walking with the most extreme Republicans in Congress and the direct assault on the President of the US - this was Netanyahu's decisive contribution to the fact that Israel was not a player in the most crucial moments of the agreement," Shaleh argued.