Rockets fired from Gaza
Rockets fired from GazaReuters

Hof Ashkelon Regional Council head Yair Farjun condemned Israel's weak response to recent rocket fire from Gaza, calling attacks against the region "severe."

"These summer drops are designed to heat up the region; we do not consider them drops but absolute terrorism," Farjun told Arutz Sheva on Sunday morning. 

"Thousands of people were woken up in the middle of the night and had to enter bomb shelters. It's a feeling of uncertainty of what will happen in the morning - will summer camps run, will the IDF respond, will it be a disgrace?"

"It interferes with the daily lives of the residents of the South," Farjun stressed. 

According to Farjun, being shot at by rockets every week is reminiscent of the not so distant past, namely the war with Gaza that engulfed Israel last summer. 

"I understand that now everyone is dealing with the Iranian bomb, but the shooting at us every week is reminiscent of the period before Protective Edge," which also started with these so-called drops, Farjun noted. 

"We're not interested in who is firing," Farjun continued. "In the past, when Fatah controlled Gaza and Hamas fired, Fatah said they were not responsible. Today, when Hamas controls Gaza, they claim other groups are firing at us."

"This does not interest us," Farjun exclaimed. "Gaza is controlled by Hamas. They are responsible and if we're not sleeping, they also shouldn't sleep. The IDF should be instructed to go after Hamas leaders."

Farjun remained unimpressed by the IDF, whose usual response to such attacks is to bomb terrorist infrastructures in Gaza. 

"The Air Forces fires at targets from a remote positions and calls them terrorist networks. But any open area in Gaza is a terrorist network," Farjun argued. "The army needs to start hunting them one by one."