Walid Jumblatt
Walid JumblattReuters

Analysts writing in Arab news media are saying that in the deal it made with Iran, the West has made the same mistake that it made when it appeased Adolf Hitler in 1938, according to Channel 2 television's veteran Arab affairs expert, Ehud Yaari.

Yaari noted that Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, whom he considers "one of the wisest men in the Middle East," said Tuesday that the Arab world will never be the same, following the deal struck by the P5+1 nations and Iran.

He added that the while the US is touting the deal's “snap-back” feature, which makes it possible to saddle Iran with renewed sanctions if it is found to be breaking the terms of the deal, the “snap-back” would not nullify any contracts that had already been signed by various firms with Iran.

This, he explained, makes the “snap-back” much less effective than it otherwise would have been.

Jumblatt is far from alone, with the deafening silence from Gulf Arab capitals following the deal being interpreted as a clear sign Sunni Arab states are viewing it as a grave threat.

In an interview with CNN's Arabic-language network, a senior Saudi Arabian source said that in signing the deal the Obama administration had "made an enormous mistake of historic proportions, leaving the next (US) administration with a huge burden that it will struggle to fix."

The source added that the deal with Iran "is encoutering resistance" because "it is fundamentally flawed."