Arab rioters in Jerusalem
Arab rioters in JerusalemHadas Parush/Flash 90

IDF Binyamin Brigade Commander Yisrael Shomer shot dead terrorist Mohammed al-Kasbeh last Friday, after the latter took part in a near-fatal mob attack on his vehicle close to the Kalandia neighborhood north of Jerusalem.

Israeli politicians rushed to Shomer's defense, while many international media outlets portrayed al-Kasbeh as a victim, downplaying his attack as part of a peaceful "protest."

But a more accurate picture is beginning to emerge of the real al-Kasbeh.

Last Saturday, a day after his death, a Facebook group by the name of "Kalandia Refugee Camp First and Foremost" posted a picture of al-Kasbeh posing menacingly with a fully-loaded M-16 assault rifle, with an extra clip of ammunition strapped to its side.

Underneath the image was the message: "This morning's martyr, martyr of Ramadan, martyr of Jerusalem, a child of the Kalandia (refugee) camp, Mohammed Sami al-Kasbeh, may Allah have mercy on you O mighty one, may your resting place be in heaven."

That wasn't the only image of al-Kasbeh circulating online.

The next day (July 5), the same Facebook page posted a screenshot of an Israeli website which had picked up on the previous image and reposted it with the sarcastic Hebrew caption: "The 'innocent' terrorist who innocently went and was killed by the Brigade Commander."

Next to the screenshot, the Arabic-language page then admitted it may not have been so wise to post the picture of its "martyr."

"It is unfortunate that our media is very weak, and everyone knows this image helped the occupation. A Zionist page wrote that Mohammed al-Kasbeh is a terrorist, and this picture proves it, and they thanked the person who killed him."

The page then issued a warning to its readers against "publishing pictures of our martyrs and prisoners which could help the occupation. May God have mercy on our martyrs."

Video shows IDF commander's car after attack: