One of the most popular Facebook videos among Israelis this year is a short segment that was taped during a live fire training session in one of the IDF's infantry units, at an unknown time and an unknown location. It can be viewed with a click:

The camera follows an anonymous Negev light machine gun operator (a “Negevist” in military slang) with a unique style of flying into his shooting position once the word “mehabel” – terrorist – is shouted into the air by his trainer.

There is some argument among commenters as to whether this airborne style is actually more effective than the more low-key movements favored by most Negevists and regarding its long term health implications, but there is general agreement that this guy does what he does with panache.

“This is what a Negevist should look like!”, says the accompanying Hebrew text.

The video has been viewed by more than 250,000 people.

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