Shooting (illustration)
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An indictment was submitted on Monday morning to the Central District Court against Muatasem Fadila, a 35-year-old Israeli Arab resident of Tira to the northeast of Tel Aviv, for the premeditated murder of another Tira resident, Mardi Mardi.

According to the indictment Fadila shot Mardi at least 11 times, and an accomplice to the murder fired another eight bullets into the victim.

The prosecution has requested to jail Fadila until the end of legal proceedings.

Police investigations revealed that the 27-year-old Mardi was murdered adjacent to his home in April as part of an ongoing battle between crime syndicates within Tira. Last month several suspects were arrested by police as part of their investigation into the incident.

Mardi was shot by a 9 millimeter handgun as well as a 7.62 diameter assault rifle by two men wearing sweatshirts and black gloves just after midnight on the day of the attack, investigations revealed.

As he lay on the ground dying, the victim was able to tell his family members with his dying breath: "Muatasem murdered me, it was Muatasem who murdered me."

Mardi was brought in a neighbor's car to the Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, but he died on the way.

The investigation clarified that it was indeed Muatasem who opened fire with the handgun, while his accomplice used the assault rifle.

The two had waited outside Mardi's house to ambush their victim, and when they identified him walking on the road next to the walls of his home they shot him multiple times from close range.