Arutz Sheva recently spoke with Roy Munin, CEO of the Made in Jerusalem organization, at the 2015 ROI Summit.

The organization aims “to build a sustainable tech ecosystem in Jerusalem,” Munin explained.

“It’s a movement of people from all walks of life in Jerusalem, who are making Jerusalem a cooler place to create and to build start-ups,” he added. “We’ve seen huge growth over the past year. TIME Magazine just announced that Jerusalem is one of the top five emerging tech hubs in the world.”

While many people think that Tel Aviv is the place where start-ups flourish, Munin noted that there is a very creative and special community in Jerusalem as well.

“The diversity of the community here makes it a very unique space, and we believe that once Jerusalem becomes a strong tech hub, it will eventually be something that impacts the whole city as well as the world,” he said.