Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett
Jewish Home chairman Naftali BennettYonatan Sindel / Flash 90

Jewish Home expressed outrage Sunday at the government's decision to advance Shas measures turning the clock back on religious reforms passed by the previous government, when the Religious-Zionist party controlled the Religious Affairs Ministry. 

Ministers approved transferring jurisdiction of the rabbinical courts back from the Justice Ministry to the Religious Affairs Ministry, controlled now by the haredi Shas, as well as repealing a controversial conversion law. 

"In recent days," officials asserted, "all matters of religion and state important to the national-religious public have been changed from the time when the Religious Affairs Ministry was controlled by Jewish Home, and are being painted over more and more by the haredim."

"The peak is overturning the 'conversion reform' which the 33rd government passed and which allows municipal rabbis to establish conversion regulations thereby enabling them to convert more people."

Jewish Home officials also cited recent elections - in which members of the Religious-Zionist community voted en masse for Likud - as further reason for their anger. 

The party dropped a significant number of seats after March elections, while also seemingly helping pave the way for the formation of a narrow right-wing government.

"Where is Likud's commitment to religious voters? Where is Tzipi Hotovely who is responsible for the Religious Zionist faction in Likud? Why doesn't she demand that Likud worry about Judaism, why doesn't she cry out that there's no need to give the haredim everything on issues of religion and state?"

"But this will not end here," the officials charged. "Where are the heads of regional councils and pre-military academies and yeshivas who supported Likud? Why aren't they internalizing claims and why is Likud not responding to them?"