Prora Resort
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A Nazi seaside resort off Germany's Baltic coast is being transformed into luxury holiday apartments, German media has reported. 

Block 2 of the Prora resort will be redesigned into 150 luxury apartments, featuring the best in amenities such as chic, modern furniture and heated floors as well as a spa, hot baths and a gym for residents. 

The Prora resort was originally built by the Nazi regime to serve as the world's largest hotel. Running along 4.5 kilometers of one of Germany's best beaches, the hotel featured some 10,000 rooms. 

Part of the Nazi's "Strength Through Joy" program, Prora was meant to prepare up to 20,000 citizens for looming war through an organized leisure program. 

The outbreak of World War II in 1939 put an end to the resort's construction, but Prora remains one of the Nazi's biggest building projects. 

Although never realizing its dream as holiday resort, Prora was used as a military barracks until the reunification of Germany in 1990. For the last 25 years, the massive building was left abandoned. 

According to reports, 48 new luxury apartments will be ready by October, while 130 apartments have already been sold. 

Another block in the complex has already undergone renovations, having been turned into a youth hostel in 2011.