Uruguay Police
Uruguay Police Reuters

Police in Uruguay have accused an Israeli embassy security worker of planting a fake explosive device outside the Montevido World Trade Center which houses the Israeli Embassy. 

The "incomplete" bomb discovered on June 17 was the third such episode near the Israeli embassy since late last year. 

The guard, who has worked for the embassy for nearly nine years and has also performed security work for the local Jewish community, was detained over the weekend. 

Denying the allegations against him, the guard was released from custody due to lack of evidence; his computer, however, is being searched. 

The device in question was contained in a sardine can and had a battery power source and cable but no explosive material. 

Embassy personnel were shocked at the security worker's arrest, mainly because the "incomplete" bombs appeared to have been specifically targeting the Israeli embassy, of which the guard was considered a faithful employee. 

Israel's Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, blasted the "ludicrous" allegations against the security worker. 

"Uruguay's media reported that local police are investigating the alleged involvement of a local security worker at the embassy. It goes without saying that these allegations are not at all true," a ministry spokesman said. 

At the same time, the ministry noted that "in recent months, a number of security related events occurred near the Israeli embassy in Uruguay, requiring careful investigation."